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  • About our research group

    We perform theoretical research in the fields of quantum optics and quantum many-body physics, and we are especially interested in time-dependent coherent and dissipative dynamics of ultracold quantum gases.

    Our work has important applications in the development of quantum simulators (systems that could be used, e.g., to model the properties of complex materials such as high-temperature superconductors), in increasing fundamental understanding of quantum many-body dynamics, and towards the realisation of quantum computing.

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    We are affiliated with the Center for Simulation and Modeling at the University of Pittsburgh, and with the Pitt Quantum Initiative.

  • Recent News and Research Highlights

    September 13, 2013

    In a new publication in Physical Review X, we investigate quench dynamics and how they are affected by variable-range interactions, which can now be realised in chains of trapped ions. We find counterintuitive features in which entanglement grows more slowly for longer range interactions.

    July 31, 2013

    Together with an experimental group in Innsbruck, we investigated dynamics in a tilted chain of cold atoms in an optical lattice.

    August 15, 2012

    Dr. Daley receives an NSF CAREER Award, which will support his work on non-equilibrium dynamics in systems of cold atoms and molecules.

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    July 12, 2012

    Together with colleagues in Austria, we propose a scheme for measurement of many-body entanglement in a system of cold atoms in optical lattices. These ideas could be used for fundamental studies in many-body systems, and verification of quantum simulators.

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